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This one is a bit longer than usual around 13 min. It is built as a symphony’s 1.st movement. Using orchestra and choirs only so it could be played even unplugged!

I wrote it on paper because it’s the only way to have a good ensemble view of what is happening at any part of the piece. We can’t get that with a notation software.

Libraries utilised:

  • 8DIO: Adagietto, Requiem Pro, Lacrimosa, Claire Oboe
  • East West: Symphonic orchestra gold, Hollywwod Percussions, Hollywood Brass, Stormdrum 1, 2, 3, Solo violin, Symphonic choirs
  • Soundiron: Apocalypse percussion elements, Olympus elements
  • Impact soundworks: Bravura brass ensembles
  • Cinesamples: Cinesymphony lite, Cinestrings runs, Hollywoodwinds, Cineharp
  • Kontakt factory’s VSL SE instruments.
  • Cinematic strings