Unorganized practical experiences (37) Native instruments “Komplete”

Many virtual instruments makers have some sort of bundle in their catalog or subscription (EW composer cloud, Soundiron Omega)

When I think to the meaning of the word “complete” I imagine some sort of “everything bundle”. NI Komplete is not so complete so there is also Komplete Ultimate.  When looking at the list of included products there are some oddities :

  • Many pianos libraries
  • Many drums libraries (in fact all the drums they have)
  • Older stuff like Heavyocity Evolve (from 2008) which is surpassed  with AEON. Even Evolve mutation bundle is a better buy. So they offers also Evolve mutations 1 and 2
  • No Emotive Strings, Strum Guitar
  • Now that Reaktor is at 6th reiteration You get only Reaktor 5 with Komplete

That means that maybe the other products will be included in a Komplete Ultimate Turbo Extra upcoming version…

The ideal deal would be a package in which customer can choose differents elements like EW packages (7 products for xxx$) or a subscription based.