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Suspense scene with an industrial beat, using non symmetric background pattern.

Very nice epic track. Excellent sound design sections. Love the build-up & drop-off!!!. Congratulations on a great song!!!
Kevin Desire / Chollinga Praise

Love the twist and the excitement building love the Pizz and then the calmness awesome.
Suite Sauce

I love this piece. Great work! A surprise around every corner.

Fred Kimmel

Who are You?

Here we are simulating a live event. The song is from the same material as “Who U are” but in a totally new configuration. Elctric guitars, bass, drums and — the crowd

Almost Meters / New Orleans groove underneath a very Uber Prog arrangement. Yes with Eric Johnson sitting in.
Jeff Roberts

Good tune. Nice melodic structure that kept my interest from beginning to end. I would like to hear the studio version as a comparison now which means, as a listener, I am intrigued! Who ever worked the sound recording did a fantastic job of capturing the music.
Sean Michael (Bottled Sounds)

How on earth did you manage to make `What Are You’ sound like a concert recording? IT’s brilliant, although I’m sure I’d like it just as much if it was produced in a conventional style of mixing.
Zac Nelson

It sounds like a great band, and great music.