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Weekly’s unorganized practical experiences (34)

Brass libraries.

This summer one after another new brass instruments libraries were either released or in preparation.

8DIO had a gallup on their FB page about their upcomming brass library.

Soundiron released with NI as a partner a massive library.  Until now Soundiron had nothing such big and complete exception made of Mars & Venus choir libraries. Ensembles and solos may be purchased individually or as a bundle. At this price I expect the library to be of high quality.  The first officials demo videos I watched and listened were not convicing at all. Now I got more info about the sounds and functionality so it stays interesting about the features (crescendis and articulations)

At the same time another maker released a brass instrument library, Impact Soundworks with Bravura. I did acquire it, they have a fair amount of buying options, either one instrument solo, ensemble, or different bundles. I’m quite happy with it but I also admit it is quite modest in term of dynamic expressiveness. Their orchestrator is buggy when trying to dig in more elaborated use. I like the loading of switchables articulations for nearly all the patches.  I can get good result when using Bravura as a base and blend with others (ProjectSAM, East-West, Cinesamples, Chris Hein or even Kontakt VSL SE)

There is no yet any library which fits all needs, even in a piece there may be phrases or chords which sounds better with different blends. That is one step more for us (mockup producers) in regard with orchestrator and conductor.  A brass section should be sufficient inside a real orchestra!