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This one is a bit longer than usual around 13 min. It is built as a symphony’s 1.st movement. Using orchestra and choirs only so it could be played even unplugged!

I wrote it on paper because it’s the only way to have a good ensemble view of what is happening at any part of the piece. We can’t get that with a notation software.

Libraries utilised:

  • 8DIO: Adagietto, Requiem Pro, Lacrimosa, Claire Oboe
  • East West: Symphonic orchestra gold, Hollywwod Percussions, Hollywood Brass, Stormdrum 1, 2, 3, Solo violin, Symphonic choirs
  • Soundiron: Apocalypse percussion elements, Olympus elements
  • Impact soundworks: Bravura brass ensembles
  • Cinesamples: Cinesymphony lite, Cinestrings runs, Hollywoodwinds, Cineharp
  • Kontakt factory’s VSL SE instruments.
  • Cinematic strings




Choirs and three soloist toward the end with full orchestra.  Basic four chords progression will dissolve and goes through different tonalities and tempos. The tensions are resolved with the slow ending.

A very beautiful, pastoral intro! A nice epic track!! Enjoyed the different sections, very movie-score-like!!!

Kevin Desire