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Suspense scene with an industrial beat, using non symmetric background pattern.

Very nice epic track. Excellent sound design sections. Love the build-up & drop-off!!!. Congratulations on a great song!!!
Kevin Desire / Chollinga Praise

Love the twist and the excitement building love the Pizz and then the calmness awesome.
Suite Sauce

I love this piece. Great work! A surprise around every corner.

Fred Kimmel

Where it is

Here we have some acoustic guitars and some electric too.  Strings , drums, bagpipes, soundscapes and voice (without lyrics).

Nice job pulling all that out of your synthesizer. I’m impressed by your creativity and talent. Loved the whispery beginning….thought that the whole soundtrack would be that way. Seems to me it would be more commercially viable as a soundtrack if this piece was divided in two. I liked the sound that reminded me of bagpipes. Very creatively done.
Kate Carpenter

I like the arrangement, especially how everything comes in around 43 s. Nice to hear a song in 6/8; the world could use more of them. Nice ambient sounds with an early Pink Floyd feel. I like it!
Michael Wayne Avery

Some very captivating soundscapes and a haunting hint of a melody, like something you heard whilst in a dream.
Zac Nelson

Great work, Fun Listen. I loved the build at the beginning

Fred Kimmel