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This was my first touch with sound libraries and I realize that the mix is far from ideal. But the whole thing was fun!

Great score. Great mood shifts and tempo shifts. The music evokes emotion. Good job.
Love & Fire

The level of talent of this is, without question, great. Everything was very orchestral in nature. Very impressive!
Michael Wayne Avery

A very good dark gothic ambient/metal type fusion. Original and well done.
Sandra Ada

An exciting piece that would be good for a video game or a movie.
Nick Flores

Hi there! Just listened to ” overture” I have to say my heart is still beating 100 miles an hour!! Wow! That was intense .. Brilliantly done… Was captivated each second and a bit scared at times!!! LOL.. Felt like I was an some kind of scary ride a the park or watching a scene from ” the hunger games”… I have never heard anything quite like it.. And I listen to ALOT of music here:)….. Best with your music!
Blessings.. Julia:)
Julia Schmidt

Fun stuff! Love the use of voices.
Fred Kimmel

Full of surprises. Masterfully played/sequenced. This had a real video game feel to me. Love the vocals.                                                    – Chip Salerno