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Battle for a lapse in time

Here is a longer story. In fact I’ve shortened it many times! Orchestral instruments fusion with rock and electronics. We have at the same time, peacefull, disturbing,  agressive, virtuosic,  simple, rhythmic, epic and cinematic elements. Some great instrument libraries from: 8DIO, Impact soundworks, Cinesamples, Project SAM, Spitfire audio, Steinberg, Heavyocity, Big fish audio

Oh btw, the soundcloud encoding compressed the risers, so here is the Bandcamp version which relies on uncompressed audio.

any differences?

sounds great! Lots of passion, fury. Covers a lot of styles and intensity.
Really nice production and orchestration.
Will sound great in someone’s movie!!

Walter Roberti

Sounds like a Cross from Robot War to Exodus to Aliens To “Rock of the Ages In Vegas” Pretty intense Alot going on Long enough to be an Intro for a Movie. I wish I could play guitar.Heard the whole track.Great Job

Suite Sauce


Suspense scene with an industrial beat, using non symmetric background pattern.

Very nice epic track. Excellent sound design sections. Love the build-up & drop-off!!!. Congratulations on a great song!!!
Kevin Desire / Chollinga Praise

Love the twist and the excitement building love the Pizz and then the calmness awesome.
Suite Sauce

I love this piece. Great work! A surprise around every corner.

Fred Kimmel